• zachrani-vas-kdyz-to-nejvic-potrebujete

    Emergency phone  
    - rescue at hand at any time

    • Helps when you most need it
    • Lighten the complicated situation that may arise
    • Call for a help by pressing just one button
    • Endurance, which doesn´t leave you in the troubles
  • telefonni-vizitka

    Phone as a business card
    - convenience for your customers

    • Tell your customer that he is the one on whom it depends
    • Be one step ahead of the competition
    • Give him a reason to choose you
    • Any shape and printing
  • seznamovaci-telefon

    Personal name card
    – make an impression

    • Increase your chances for dating
    • Prove that your interest is genuine
    • Show that you have your style
    • Wake curiosity and interest
  • telefon-reklalmni-predmet

    Promotional item
    - teaser that worth

    • Let the world know about you in an interesting way
    • Make an impression to you client, the impression that he can´t resist
    • Treat your customer as a star. Provide extra service
    • Revolutionary advertising for your business and services



Back to Simplicity

Despite a time when mobile phones are miniature fully functional computers, the return to the roots, to the simplicity, is not a step back. A thorough simplification of the phone in its elementary functions provides a distinct advantage in certain situations and proves to be exactly the device that you need.
And there comes Simphonie!

The principle of Simphonie phones is based on the foundations of radio communications and thus it does not become morally outdated and it does not have to be modified with each new technology. Basic purpose of the phone is to call you back. 

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